Let’s Dish!

Jodie had a gift certificate for Let’s Dish! from Christmas, so last night she and Jane and I went to try it out.  What a great idea!  We could quickly prepare meals that then are frozen and can be made at home quite easily.  We could choose menu items for 4, 8 or 12 meals […]

18 Holes w/Sled

I love the midwest, really I do. I don’t know if I’d like living in a different climate. I love the seasons, especially spring. I’ve been saving my money to buy a new set of irons. Two weeks ago it was 80 degrees, so I thought I’d better order them soon so I can get […]


Our Easter morning began with Mass at St. Peter’s where I directed the children’s choir again this year.  They sang beautifully and did a great job with their part in the Mass.  It’s a time-intensive but very rewarding job for me! We spent the rest of the day at Roxi’s for a bar-b-que with the family.  […]

Work, Work and More Work

For those of you who got my stressful email in March, that technology plan was sent off five days early! Now I am at the end of a 49 hour work week over 4 days.  Did someone say Spring Break?  We just did a huge server upgrade at work.  I knew it would take some time, but […]

Super Adults

Jeremy and I were blessed and honored today at Stephanie’s school.  She and her third grade class have been working on a big project called “super adults” where they have talked and written about a special adult in their lives.  Stephanie chose us!  The whole class had to read their essays out loud in front […]

A Milestone

Last week I wrote my FINAL student loan check!  While the payments have not been all that oppressive, it still feels good to have one big debt obligation off of my plate!  As we start getting our finances in order in preparation for buying a bigger condo, it’s nice to know one more thing is […]

The Pursuit of Happyness

Date night last week was dinner and a movie, The Pursuit of Happyness.  I expected a good movie, but it was better than I imagined.  Chris Gardner (played by Will Smith) was a father challenged with one string of bad luck after another, but he rose above it all.  One line towards the end of the movie stuck with […]