Countdown: Day -21

Smooth sailing for ideas from here on out… I have a backup for each day now that we are down to less than one calendar month!  Monday, May 7: Today is the LAST 7th of the month before the end of school!

Calm Before the Storm

We’ve started the moving wheels in motion! I called Greg (Pizzolato, our realtor now – he was the principal who hired me at BT but he was on his way out; now he’s a realtor and donates a portion of profits to a school or charity of the customer’s choice) and set up a meeting […]


Most of you know how I love spring.  The birds, the flowers, all the pretty colors…  With the exception of my allergies, spring is my favorite season - everything starts anew.  It doesn’t hurt that it also means summer break is almost here! Jeremy and I went shopping for bird food for my feeder – I like […]

Countdown: Day -22

Had to get creative again… Friday, May 4: Today when I posted updates on our school website, I realized we are down to the last month on our website calendar!  Okay, so May and June are combined, but it’s still the last one posted for the school year.

Stephanie Bridges to Juniors

Stephanie and I have a bit of a special connection in that she and I are the Girl Scouts of the family.  We’ve had fun looking at my old patches and such, though the campfire songs have changed a bit.  Come to think of it, so have the uniforms, books, badges, awards… ok, so a […]

Countdown: Day -24

This one took some creativity on my part.  Maybe this posting a last each day wasn’t such a good idea… Wednesday, May 2: The last full day that Jeremy will be gone until the end of the school year.  I’m taking a chance here that he won’t be gone again, but as of now there’s […]

Countdown: The First of the Lasts

I know there have been more first lasts, but now is the time of year we really start counting in school!  I’m going to see how well I do coming up with a LAST for every school day until the end of the year.  Counting today, we have 25 school days left! Tuesday, May 1: […]

Visit to Brew City for Anita’s Birthday!

This past weekend I drove to Milwaukee to spend the weekend with Anita for her birthday (which was the weekend before). I arrived Friday night to a beautiful sight – Anita recently had wood laminate floors installed. She’s done some great things with her house. I actually had my camera with me for the trip […]