End of the Rainbow

While we were away at Grandma’s Cabin, there was a big storm with hail back home. I joked with Jeremy, as we have for the last few years, hoping… “Do you think there’s a new roof at the end of that rainbow?” I did call the insurance company with not much hope. The adjuster came […]

First Days of School

We had more “first days” this year than would be typical. First, Mac started kindergarten at Blessed Trinity! Then Vivian started preschool at Blessed Trinity for two mornings a week. Vivian also started preschool at Richfield’s Wiggles & Giggles program. She attends that program as part of her special education and speech services, two mornings a week. And […]

Richfield Outdoor Pool

This summer we decided to take advantage of an offer online for a discount on family passes to the Richfield Outdoor Pool. We had heard good things about it and had driven by it enough that we thought we might be ready. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to take all three kids […]

Potty Training Restart

Vivian took a huge step backwards on our trip to Madison, just weeks after we started her potty training. My plan for the drive to Madison was to stop 4-5 times on the way for her to try to go (while having her in a pull-up, however). It turned out Mac had stop about 45 […]

Madison Visit: Little Amerricka

Our next outing for this second trip to Madison was to Little Amerricka, a small amusement park in Marshall, WI. I had never been there, but I was so glad Clare suggested it. It was fantastic! They have a small train you can ride out through the Wisconsin countryside and other amusement park rides that […]

Madison Visit: The Farm

We took another trip to Madison later in the summer for a long weekend. Jeremy was able to join us this time for the first part of the trip. One of the days, we took a trip out to my cousin’s farm for a nice breakfast, some play time and a tractor ride! Vivian was […]

Oma & Opa’s Summer Visit

Every summer we look forward to a visit from Oma & Opa. This year the kids were especially fun – they are old enough now that even though a lot of time passes between our visits, they remember Oma & Opa well! We were able to go on some outings, have picnics and spend some […]

Mac’s Swimming Lessons

This summer we signed up for a different session of swimming lessons for Mac that came highly recommended by some friends called “Olympic Style” Swimming. He liked it! It’s really not training for the Olympics, it’s a different method of teaching that has lower ratios of students and concentrates more on the swimming strokes. The […]