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Fall In!

We’re off to the races this week in the Elfering house, business as usual for us in our busiest couple of months of the year. I started back to work last week, and we thankfully had my mom in town to help with the kids (and the housework)!  It was such a relief.  I worked […]

Six Weeks Old

Vivian is six weeks old.  She can now go to daycare – but doesn’t have to go full-time for over four more months! It is no longer anything out of the ordinary to have both kids by myself.  Jeremy has been working steadily this week from about 6:30 until 3 each day.  We have settled […]

One Month

I’ve got two more days with both kids on my own under my belt.  Wednesday I even took them both out on errands!  I’m managing to even get some work done.  In addition to what I already knew I would have to work on, we had flooding from a broken toilet into one of our computer […]

Relaxing Weekend

We’ve really been able to relax this weekend, and it’s been a refreshing change from previous years.  Fall is busy in our household with school starting, volleyball, and Jeremy’s schedule getting so busy.  This year, however, because we started school a week before Labor Day, we were off Friday and have a nice 4-day weekend.  […]

Catching Up

To say I haven’t blogged in a while is a bit of an understatement.  Although I know Mac is about to wake up, I’m hoping I can catch up somewhat on what we’ve been up to in the last several weeks… When you last saw us, we were getting Mac’s first haircut in late July!  […]

Three Days Later…

I just haven’t had the energy or time to blog about our next days here.  I’ve blogged… but it’s been for my work sessions!  I know this is a long post, but that’s the way it goes. Sunday we slept in slightly after our late night, had a nice breakfast buffet at our hotel, then […]

Summer Break Begins!

Today was my first official day of summer break.  The students were done on Friday, but we had to report yesterday for a meeting to make some plans for next year. Besides a few errands, an appointment and a few projects at home, I spent the day with Jeremy and Mac.  We all took a […]

Ah, The Weekend

It’s been a hectic week in the Elfering household, starting with our late-night visit to the ER on Sunday night.  Jeremy has worked every day this week, which is fantastic news, but it tires me out not being used to it.  Him too!  We’ll be scurrying to catch up on housework this weekend, I’m sure. […]