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March Videos: Spring Break

We had some great fun over spring break spending a few days at the Kalahari Resort in Wisconsin Dells.  I posted and uploaded photos during the trip, and now the video is ready! Yes, most of the fun was at the water park, but Vivian seemed to also enjoy playing in the room. On our […]

Ahh… Vacation!

After a big day working on the bathroom on Saturday, our whole family started a nice week-long vacation on Sunday.  We drove to Wisconsin Dells and are staying at the Kalahari resort for three nights.  There wasn’t much sleep to be had in the car, but after unpacking and settling in a bit, we still […]


At the end of October, the kids and I escaped to Madison for a week while Jeremy had to work out of town.  Since I was still on maternity leave (technically), I thought I’d take the opportunity for a nice longer visit with Mom and the family, and maybe get together with some friends.  I […]

Three Weeks Old

My biggest regret at this point is that I haven’t taken nearly enough pictures!  I got some from my mom, but I should have my camera attached to me… Mac is still doing really well.  He is interacting more with Vivian when she’s on the floor or in her bouncy seat.  He likes to cover […]

Family Weekend in Madison

Mac and the girls made the trip to Madison this past weekend to celebrate Emily’s First Communion.  Jane and Mac and I traveled together on Friday arriving in time for dinner and a late bedtime for the little guy.  He did extremely well on the trip there. He got to play with his cousins quite […]

Christmas Season 2009

Wow, it’s been a busy holiday! It all started last week with the beginning of my school break.  Jeremy’s work is slow right now too, which usually means lots of family time over the holidays.  We had his family parties the two weekends before, one at our house and the other at a cousin’s.  Mac […]


Well, we got the results of Mac’s allergy tests. And boy am I glad we didn’t wait. He has a significant allergy to peanuts, as expected, but he is also allergic to egg whites! This is apparently another common pediatric allergy. We keep thinking of lots of foods he’s had that on the label says […]

First Haircut!

This past week, Mac and I spent time in Madison with my family.  Jeremy had to work for some of the time so stayed home.  I was also able to visit with some friends and have some down-time.  It was great!  We even had a bonus couple of days with my Mom since coincidentally my […]

Three Days Later…

I just haven’t had the energy or time to blog about our next days here.  I’ve blogged… but it’s been for my work sessions!  I know this is a long post, but that’s the way it goes. Sunday we slept in slightly after our late night, had a nice breakfast buffet at our hotel, then […]