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Madison Visit: Little Amerricka

Our next outing for this second trip to Madison was to Little Amerricka, a small amusement park in Marshall, WI. I had never been there, but I was so glad Clare suggested it. It was fantastic! They have a small train you can ride out through the Wisconsin countryside and other amusement park rides that […]

Madison Visit: The Farm

We took another trip to Madison later in the summer for a long weekend. Jeremy was able to join us this time for the first part of the trip. One of the days, we took a trip out to my cousin’s farm for a nice breakfast, some play time and a tractor ride! Vivian was […]

At Vacation’s End

Good things about vacation ending: It’s easier to pack Getting back to my bed/pillows (this time, anyway) I get to see my Vivian! That’s all I can come up with. We got packed up and were ready to leave the hotel around 10:30. We decided to go back to the harbor area to walk by […]