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Eighteen Weeks

Mac continues to change daily. Over the last couple of weeks, Mac has started to play with his toys much more and enjoy mirrors (he especially loves the one Grandma gave him that goes in his crib). It takes a little longer for his to go to sleep in his swing now, since he likes […]


It was finally nice enough to go to the pool today! I rested up in the morning (I took a 2-hour nap and almost forgot I was supposed to be hungry), then Mommy got me dressed with my new swim diaper, hat, shirt and trunks. She loaded up some other stuff too, I think. We […]

Training Camp 2007

Just when we thought training camp would always be the same… This year, we didn’t go as a family – too many scheduling conflicts to deal with made it impossible. But Jane and I still had an itch to go, if even for a couple of days. Our plan was to go Monday and Tuesday […]

Perfect Day at the Pool

It took a while to get this post up. I was trying to learn how to embed the video, tried a few plug-ins, and had multiple problems with FTP and my server in the process. Anyway, this is actually video from August 12, 2007 (happy anniversary, Begalkes). We spent the day at the Edina pool […]

Work Before Play

Today, CJ, Jeremy and Mathew helped me with a dreaded task: hauling old computers out to Stillwater where they accept them as free donations. This allows the school to dispose of old computers without having to pay per-pound at a public recycle site. They were an enormous help, especially since I’m supposed to be staying […]

First Night in Atlanta

P1010745 Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. Well, I made it to Atlanta safe and sound for the National Educational Computing Conference. This year Cara and I are sharing a room, and it’s really nice to have the company! The flight down was ok, once I got over panicking that I might feel nauseous while stuck […]

The Next Countdown

7 months and 21 days OR 33 weeks and 4 days OR 235 days… One countdown ended and another began! Yes, for some of you that timing will make some sense. There will be one more Elfering joining this world in February! Jeremy and I learned just as school was ending that we will be […]

Brett Favre Softball

Brett Favre Softball Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. Here we are – Appleton, WI – for the Brett Favre Celebrity Softball Game! This is my third time at the annual event. We have almost the whole family here except Jeremy and the Maierses. It’s a beautiful day, and our seats are in the shade, so […]

Summer Cometh

Jeremy and I had to vacate the condo today during our 3-hour open house, so we started out with a big breakfast at Perkins. It was nice out so then we rented a paddleboat at Centennial Lakes for a leisurely cruise (with some breaks to read – see picture). Jeremy finished his book, so we […]