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Life’s A Beach

There weren’t any sessions I was very interested in for the morning, so we decided to start our day at the beach! After Mac finally finished his breakfast, we drove up to Mission Beach. We found a parking lot with space right near the beach. I looked at the signs several times to be sure […]

Time For A Little Work

The sessions of my conference started this morning, first thing at 8:30. I got up to an alarm, got ready, snuck out to get the free breakfast again, then fed Josie. Jeremy and the kids drove me downtown to the convention center. My first session was led by Dr. Mayim Bialik, who is an actress […]

Sea World!

Time to get this vacation started! Today was all about Sea World. Jeremy’s been waiting for this since we didn’t make room for it on our last trip to Orlando. He said several times that the only thing he really wanted to do in San Diego was go to Sea World. So after a VERY […]

Workation Day 1

Our day on Saturday was pretty low-key while we got our bearings. I had gone to bed late after blogging Day 1, and Josie woke up and wanted to eat as I laid down in bed, the little stinker! So I went to bed even later still, and then she was also the first one […]

Summarizing Summer

There’s nothing too noteworthy happening these days, no more big announcements or milestones, but I haven’t had time to write much about the kids, and we’ve had lots of activities!  Now I’m afraid I’m losing track of dates because I’ll write a little then save my draft and don’t get back to it for two […]

The Lake

— Sunday, July 31 — We packed up our van and Rav for our trip to the cabin that Roxi rented for the week. We left around 9:45 for our hour-and-a-half ride to just outside of Melrose on Little Birch Lake. Jeremy’s cousin Robin and her daughter Paige rode with me and the kids, and […]

Right Place, Right Time

On our way home from an ice cream treat with the Begalkes last weekend, we stopped at The Depot coffee shop in Hopkins where there was a train parked that had a double-decker coach, a regular coach and a couple of freight cars on it.  Jeremy and Mac got out to look at it since […]

Oma & Opa’s Visit

We had a great, albeit too short, visit with Oma & Opa this weekend. They arrived late Thursday, so we gathered at our house on Friday afternoon, then Mathew and Wendy arrived later to cook dinner for us all. It was too hot to play outside, but Oma & Opa had some great playtime with […]