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The Big Move

I realize I have quite a few days to catch up on… Last Friday, Mac’s carpet was installed right away the in the morning.  It turned out great!  Then I had to sing at church then went to the house to get some things done.  When Jeremy got home from work, we all headed to […]

Progress and The Final Push

Let’s see… What day is it again? The last couple of days, Jeremy has worked during the day, so I’ve had Mac while trying to still get some things accomplished. I’d say I’ve been moderately successful. Tuesday I tried to get a little work done at the condo (work work, not moving work) while Mac […]

Getting Closer

The last two days have been more about finishing than starting.  We finished the floor in our bedroom and have closed it off now until we move the bedroom furniture on Sunday.  Mac’s room is finished except for getting carpet installed.  The only rooms we haven’t touched are the living room and guest room, which […]

Paint & Poly

Today was a bit less intense than the last few have been. Mac slept until 8:30, so we got to sleep in too. Jeremy got started with the touch-ups in our room then the second coat in Mac’s room while I played with Mac. It was time for Jeremy to leave for an appointment by […]


Today we picked up CJ and after a short stop at the house went to Home Depot to get paint and supplies to start on the bedrooms. I am admittedly VERY picky about painting, but in the interest of time and gratefulness for the help, I worked on letting go of a little of that […]

More Moving

Jeremy worked today and I had to sing at a funeral this morning. I picked up Mac at Jane’s after that and headed to the house. He slept for a while and I had some lunch and started scrubbing the layers of grime off the stove grates. It was slow-going to be on my own […]

Home Sweet Home

I tried posting this from my phone this morning, but the app wasn’t working, so I’ll have to sum up our two days tonight… Yesterday was an early morning after not much sleep for either of us.  We got home from New Mexico, and Jeremy headed straight to work and didn’t get home until late, […]

‘Corner’ Under Construction

For those of you who may be trying to access “In My Own Little Corner,” I have not locked you out.  I upgraded and now the plugin that authenticates users is not working.  Unfortunately, I won’t really have a chance to work on it until we get back from New Mexico.  Until then, here is […]