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Attempting to Return

Posts are going to be all over the place over the next few days. I’m going to attempt to do some current posts as well as catch up on some posts I had started (and some I have only started in my head). Dates will always coincide as close to the time of the event […]


So, my last post was last June. I didn’t do very well in my attempt to get back to blogging, did I? But as the saying goes, “try, try again!” So here goes… I’ve taken some time here and there to start drafts of posts to try to at least have an outline of a […]

Ah, The Weekend

It’s been a hectic week in the Elfering household, starting with our late-night visit to the ER on Sunday night.  Jeremy has worked every day this week, which is fantastic news, but it tires me out not being used to it.  Him too!  We’ll be scurrying to catch up on housework this weekend, I’m sure. […]

Photos Posting!

All the photos from our trip, from our camera as well as Kevin & Marla’s (453 in all) are currently being posted on Flickr.  I added brief descriptions indicating at least where the photo was taken (I think).  I also tagged most of them.  They are all in a set named “July/Aug, 2008 – Albuquerque.”  […]

‘Corner’ Under Construction

For those of you who may be trying to access “In My Own Little Corner,” I have not locked you out.  I upgraded and now the plugin that authenticates users is not working.  Unfortunately, I won’t really have a chance to work on it until we get back from New Mexico.  Until then, here is […]

New Feature: Email Updates!

I’ve installed a new plugin on this blog that allows users, whether registered or not, to subscribe to email updates.  This subscription will email new posts to your inbox.  In addition, if you register on the blog (see link at bottom left under “META”), you can configure your own subscription settings. If you do not […]

No More Cross-Linking

Well, I didn’t hear from anyone about whether the cross-linking of my blog with our blog has been a convenience, so I’m discontinuing it.  I’m finding it to be more of a hassle than it’s probably worth for the few readers I/we may have.  I tend to just forget and have to do a whole […]


After reviewing some of my older posts on both my personal blog and this one, I realized that some of you may only check one or the other. So I’m going through now and cross-posting (well, more like cross-linking) from this site on both so that you only need to check one, unless you want […]