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End of the Rainbow

While we were away at Grandma’s Cabin, there was a big storm with hail back home. I joked with Jeremy, as we have for the last few years, hoping… “Do you think there’s a new roof at the end of that rainbow?” I did call the insurance company with not much hope. The adjuster came […]

Fence Building – Mac’s Version

Daddy built us a fence this past weekend.  He did a super good job, but I’m not sure why he and Mommy thought we needed a fence.  I don’t even try to get out of the yard!  Anyway, I got to help some, but I also got to play a whole bunch with Aunt Jo […]

Two Pre-Baby Projects Complete!

We finally hung the quilt in Mac’s room – the last step in the “redesign” in preparation for it becoming the kids’ room. Mac loves to look at the quilt and point out the animals… “fish… two fish,” and “horse,” and “elephant… two elephant.” By the way, I’m not sure I’ve mentioned that this kid, […]