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Mother Nature… You’re Fired!

April this year has not been about readying the garden, putting out the weed preventer. There have been no “April showers” to bring May flowers. It’s been more like this… April 11th: Some of our schools farther outside of the city had a SNOW DAY! April 19th: A Winter Storm Warning delayed a weekend trip […]

Three Weeks Old

My biggest regret at this point is that I haven’t taken nearly enough pictures!  I got some from my mom, but I should have my camera attached to me… Mac is still doing really well.  He is interacting more with Vivian when she’s on the floor or in her bouncy seat.  He likes to cover […]

Two Weeks Old

Vivian had her 2-week check-up yesterday.  She had a glowing report!  She’s weighing in at 8 pounds, 11 ounces (75th percentile).  Her height is still 21 inches (90th percentile) and head is still 14.5 inches around (75th percentile).  The doctor was very impressed with her strength and head control, and he was surprised to hear […]

Ah, The Weekend

It’s been a hectic week in the Elfering household, starting with our late-night visit to the ER on Sunday night.  Jeremy has worked every day this week, which is fantastic news, but it tires me out not being used to it.  Him too!  We’ll be scurrying to catch up on housework this weekend, I’m sure. […]

Dirt Cake, Anyone?

Apparently spaghetti, cheese bread, milk, cheerios, goldfish crackers and ice cream were NOT enough for my little one this evening… Yes, friends, that’s DIRT he’s stuffing in his mouth. Mac does love to play outside, no matter what we’re doing.  But he is a typical boy and also LOVES to play in the dirt!  He […]

Easter Weekend, 2009

My mom was in town for Easter weekend this year, so we had lots of company over to our house.  The kitchen light was rarely off! Thursday I didn’t have to work, so we had planned to take Mac to the Children’s Museum.  We were going to go right after breakfast, but he was already […]

My Garden

The previous resident of our house (her name is Ann – I’m tired of writing that whole phrase!) came over again tonight after Mac was in bed to show me more about how she used to trim the border of the gardens and went over again what everything was (this time I wrote it down) […]

Family Visits

Last week we kept very busy with family! Mac was a trooper through it all, and short of a few breakdowns in the evenings, he was a very good boy. We really took him off his schedule and asked a lot of him to be away from home so much, but he did great. Kevin […]

Garden 2.0

My garden this year hasn’t been much work. I bought mature already-blooming flowers the weekend our condo went on the market so that the patio area would look nice. As mentioned in a previous post, we just didn’t have the room inside for me to start seeds in February like I have done the last […]