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Vivian: A Curious Breakfast

There is an exhibit at the Children’s Museum based on Curious George’s adventures. We knew we’d have to go with how much the kids love the show. I got an email that reminded me about it and mentioned a “Breakfast with Curious George” special event. While the exhibit will be open until October, the breakfasts […]

At Vacation’s End

Good things about vacation ending: It’s easier to pack Getting back to my bed/pillows (this time, anyway) I get to see my Vivian! That’s all I can come up with. We got packed up and were ready to leave the hotel around 10:30. We decided to go back to the harbor area to walk by […]

Sea World, Take 2

For our last full day, we really packed as much as we could into one day. The kids slept in (!), so we got a later start than usual. We headed back to Sea World for the day. I tried to get in to the penguin up-close activity, but it was sold out (I would […]

Work and Safari

Today started again with conference sessions for me, though not as early as Monday. I also wanted to take some time to explore the exhibit hall, so I was gone from about 10 until 2. After that, we went back to the hotel to regroup and feed Josie, and then we drove up to Escondido […]

Life’s A Beach

There weren’t any sessions I was very interested in for the morning, so we decided to start our day at the beach! After Mac finally finished his breakfast, we drove up to Mission Beach. We found a parking lot with space right near the beach. I looked at the signs several times to be sure […]

Time For A Little Work

The sessions of my conference started this morning, first thing at 8:30. I got up to an alarm, got ready, snuck out to get the free breakfast again, then fed Josie. Jeremy and the kids drove me downtown to the convention center. My first session was led by Dr. Mayim Bialik, who is an actress […]

Sea World!

Time to get this vacation started! Today was all about Sea World. Jeremy’s been waiting for this since we didn’t make room for it on our last trip to Orlando. He said several times that the only thing he really wanted to do in San Diego was go to Sea World. So after a VERY […]

Workation Day 1

Our day on Saturday was pretty low-key while we got our bearings. I had gone to bed late after blogging Day 1, and Josie woke up and wanted to eat as I laid down in bed, the little stinker! So I went to bed even later still, and then she was also the first one […]

Time for Family

We’ve been super busy lately. Jeremy has been working lots of hours, and I’ve been trying to keep things running on the homefront while attempting to keep up with my work as well. There hasn’t been much time for all of us to just be together and enjoy each other. When we are all home, […]