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S’more Summer

Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. We had our first golf outing of the summer on Sunday – a Par “not-quite-3” for me. After sleeping in, we had spent most of Saturday lazing around, at the pool and on the couch. I enjoyed a two-hour nap while Jeremy played on his computer. We had a Memorial […]

St. Richard’s “Talent for Humanity”

St. Richard’s held its 2nd annual talent show to raise money for Twin Cities Habitat for Humanity. Our church will participate in its fourth annual build for Habitat this summer, all of which I have been a part (and have learn a lot about DIY projects) in some way or another. This year I participated […]

Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. Punto at bat. Double play. Darn, that was almost exciting. 😉 UPDATE: Twins won! 4-3 in a nail-biter 9th inning!

Twins Game

Twins Game Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. We joined the Begalke clan and Timmy for the Twins game to start a long holiday weekend. It’s the top of the third now & the Twinkies are losing 2-1 to the Blue Jays. I hope it gets better! The kids are having a blast though, and isn’t […]

I took the test

Jill made me take the test (but I will admit I would have taken the test anyway) and as expected I am much geekier then her.     Your Score: Competent Geek You are 71% geeky and 59% socialy competent! You’re a little above average in every way. You’ve got some serious geekiness, but you […]


My friend Cara, in referencing another friend’s, blog, intrigued me with a quiz she took to test “social competence” versus geekiness. As Jeremy and I have had many discussions on this topic, I thought I’d better take the test and see where I fit in on the scale. My results are below. Apparently I’m just […]

Billy Joel Concert

Billy Joel Concert Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. Here we are waiting for the Billy Joel concert to start after a yummy dinner at Cosetta’s in St. Paul. Should be an awesome show!

18 Holes w/Sled

I love the midwest, really I do. I don’t know if I’d like living in a different climate. I love the seasons, especially spring. I’ve been saving my money to buy a new set of irons. Two weeks ago it was 80 degrees, so I thought I’d better order them soon so I can get […]