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At the end of October, the kids and I escaped to Madison for a week while Jeremy had to work out of town.  Since I was still on maternity leave (technically), I thought I’d take the opportunity for a nice longer visit with Mom and the family, and maybe get together with some friends.  I […]

Three Weeks Old

My biggest regret at this point is that I haven’t taken nearly enough pictures!  I got some from my mom, but I should have my camera attached to me… Mac is still doing really well.  He is interacting more with Vivian when she’s on the floor or in her bouncy seat.  He likes to cover […]

Relaxing Weekend

We’ve really been able to relax this weekend, and it’s been a refreshing change from previous years.  Fall is busy in our household with school starting, volleyball, and Jeremy’s schedule getting so busy.  This year, however, because we started school a week before Labor Day, we were off Friday and have a nice 4-day weekend.  […]

Mac’s First Christmas

We’ve had a busy week, and the Christmas celebrations aren’t over yet! We started on the Sunday before Christmas with the Elfering Christmas party, hosted by one of Jeremy’s aunts this year. They were all delighted to see Mac – many of them hadn’t seen him since he was a couple months old. It was […]

First Sleepover

Mac had his first sleepover this past weekend. He stayed at Grandma’s while we were at a friend’s wedding, and we decided it would be best for him to stay overnight since it would be late when we got home. Since he’s not nursing anymore (has been fully weaned for over a month now), we […]

Brief Update

Just wanted to share a big accomplishment by our little guy – he sat up by himself yesterday afternoon!  He was on his tummy and we were playing in his room.  All of a sudden I noticed he was pushing himself up onto his bottom!  It was pretty amazing to watch.  I’ve got the video […]

First Road Trip

Jeremy, Mac and I took our first road trip this weekend, to visit my family and friends in and around Madison.  It was not as long of a trip as I had originally planned because of the house negotiations, but it’s been nice so far.  We drove down on Thursday morning after Mac woke and […]

Ah… Christmas Vacation Begins!

Christmas gatherings are in full-swing, the playoff hunt is brewing strong (Go Pack Go!), and last night I had the best night’s sleep I can remember having in months. All these can only mean one thing: Christmas Break! It was a long week at work getting things done that I needed to finish before being […]