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Date Nights

Since Jeremy’s been working so many hours, it’s been a little tougher to stick with our regular date nights, though we have done a pretty good job of being home together at least one evening a week. This week we happened to have two big date nights, out and about town! Tuesday we went to […]

Part of History

“It doesn’t get a whole lot better than this.With Brett Favre playing like a man time forgot, Mike McCarthy making all the right moves and Greg Jennings reminding everyone what they’ve been missing, the Green Bay Packers outlasted the San Diego Chargers on Sunday in one of the greatest games played at Lambeau Field in […]

Summer Cometh

Jeremy and I had to vacate the condo today during our 3-hour open house, so we started out with a big breakfast at Perkins. It was nice out so then we rented a paddleboat at Centennial Lakes for a leisurely cruise (with some breaks to read – see picture). Jeremy finished his book, so we […]

S’more Summer

Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. We had our first golf outing of the summer on Sunday – a Par “not-quite-3” for me. After sleeping in, we had spent most of Saturday lazing around, at the pool and on the couch. I enjoyed a two-hour nap while Jeremy played on his computer. We had a Memorial […]

Ah, The Weekend!

This past weekend was one of the better ones in recent memory. The weather was almost perfect! Jeremy and I had a rather stressful week, as our weeks go, with getting the condo readied for the market and work and other evening commitments. We started our weekend at Maynard’s on Lake Minnetonka for dinner out […]

Visit to Brew City for Anita’s Birthday!

This past weekend I drove to Milwaukee to spend the weekend with Anita for her birthday (which was the weekend before). I arrived Friday night to a beautiful sight – Anita recently had wood laminate floors installed. She’s done some great things with her house. I actually had my camera with me for the trip […]

Let’s Dish!

Jodie had a gift certificate for Let’s Dish! from Christmas, so last night she and Jane and I went to try it out.  What a great idea!  We could quickly prepare meals that then are frozen and can be made at home quite easily.  We could choose menu items for 4, 8 or 12 meals […]