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Josie’s 2nd Birthday

We had a great time celebrating Josie’s birthday – she was finally recovered from her bout with the stomach flu, and by some stroke of luck, everyone was healthy for a few days! The “tradition,” if you can call it that, has been that on the kids’ first birthdays they get cupcakes (1 serving), for their […]

April 2013 Videos

March 7, 2014 I finished some more! I don’t know why I must post them like this. Oh wait, yes I do… I hesitate to post this one, but it’s just so darn cute. I even had to look back in my calendar to find out where we had been. We were returning home from […]

All By Mine-Self

One of Mac’s cute phrases is “all by mine-self” when he does something himself.  Sometimes he’ll even draw it out and put his hands on his hips, saying it proudly, with authority. The other day, there was some fresh banana bread on the counter (thank you, Lisa!).  I had cut a few pieces off for […]

February Video: Mac’s 3rd Birthday

Around Christmas-time, my mom saw a gingerbread choo-choo train at a mall.  She took a picture and said I should do something like that for Mac’s birthday.  What?!  I have time for that?  And since when am I that creative?  Well, after thinking about it, and about how much I adore my little train-lover, I […]

State Fair 2010

We had a great time at the State Fair this year.  Mom and Clare were here to join us, and the four of us went with them, the Begalkes and Jane.  We let the kids wake up on their own and were ready to head out after Vivian had her first feeding of the day. […]


Well, we got the results of Mac’s allergy tests. And boy am I glad we didn’t wait. He has a significant allergy to peanuts, as expected, but he is also allergic to egg whites! This is apparently another common pediatric allergy. We keep thinking of lots of foods he’s had that on the label says […]

Three Days Later…

I just haven’t had the energy or time to blog about our next days here.  I’ve blogged… but it’s been for my work sessions!  I know this is a long post, but that’s the way it goes. Sunday we slept in slightly after our late night, had a nice breakfast buffet at our hotel, then […]

We Love Summer!

Yesterday I had to sing at a funeral and Jeremy worked, so Mac spent a few hours at Aunt Jane’s daycare.  When I was done, I called to find out their status, and they were going to be heading to the pool as soon as he woke up.  I decided to grab our pool bag […]

Dirt Cake, Anyone?

Apparently spaghetti, cheese bread, milk, cheerios, goldfish crackers and ice cream were NOT enough for my little one this evening… Yes, friends, that’s DIRT he’s stuffing in his mouth. Mac does love to play outside, no matter what we’re doing.  But he is a typical boy and also LOVES to play in the dirt!  He […]