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Night Watchman

Mac is a rule-follower. It’s sometimes even a little irritating when he needs things to be “just so.” I can totally see myself in him! Anyway, he really dislikes it when others do NOT follow the rules. Lately, Vivian has taken to coming out of her room several times after being put to bed. It’s […]

Update: Vivian

Oh, there is SO much to share about Vivian these days. She is doing incredibly well with her speech development and is learning so quickly these days! First, to follow up on all of her speech and social development, since my only other post about it was in January with a short update in March… […]

Vivian Singing

I just think this one is cute. Vivian loves WALL-E, the Disney movie about the robot that collects trash who falls in love with another robot sent to search for signs of life on earth. The opening scene of the movie has WALL-E watching “Hello, Dolly!” where they are singing “Put On Your Sunday Clothes.” […]

April 2013 Videos

March 7, 2014 I finished some more! I don’t know why I must post them like this. Oh wait, yes I do… I hesitate to post this one, but it’s just so darn cute. I even had to look back in my calendar to find out where we had been. We were returning home from […]

Turf Tots

A mom in our ECFE class was talking about a place in Hopkins where kids can play inside and run around. I was curious, so we checked it out. SO worth the $3 per kid to get them out in this crazy winter-like spring! Take a hockey rink, set it up for indoor soccer, and […]