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No More Potty Charts for Vivian!

We celebrated last night with a Cold Stone Creamery treat for Vivian who has completed the process of potty charts! Vivian had been doing a great job without having tinkle accidents at school and at home after getting used to her classrooms and becoming more comfortable with her teachers. Unfortunately, she continued to have poppy […]

First Days of School

We had more “first days” this year than would be typical. First, Mac started kindergarten at Blessed Trinity! Then Vivian started preschool at Blessed Trinity for two mornings a week. Vivian also started preschool at Richfield’s Wiggles & Giggles program. She attends that program as part of her special education and speech services, two mornings a week. And […]

Potty Training Restart

Vivian took a huge step backwards on our trip to Madison, just weeks after we started her potty training. My plan for the drive to Madison was to stop 4-5 times on the way for her to try to go (while having her in a pull-up, however). It turned out Mac had stop about 45 […]

Vivian: Potty Training – Day 3

Today we’re having a little family breakfast birthday party for Vivian. The plan is to have her in underwear all day again, since we’ll be at home and it will be just family with us… 8:50 a.m. Sat her on the potty to try after getting up. Went tinkles within about 5 minutes! 9:45 a.m. […]