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Bases Loaded

Bases Loaded Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. Punto at bat. Double play. Darn, that was almost exciting. 😉 UPDATE: Twins won! 4-3 in a nail-biter 9th inning!

Twins Game

Twins Game Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. We joined the Begalke clan and Timmy for the Twins game to start a long holiday weekend. It’s the top of the third now & the Twinkies are losing 2-1 to the Blue Jays. I hope it gets better! The kids are having a blast though, and isn’t […]

CJ’s Band Concert

CJ had his final band concert last night. It was fantastic! How lucky for IHM to have a full-time band director, not to mention one who engages the kids, keeps them excited about band, and somehow motivates them to practice! He is truly a blessing on the school. CJ is really growing up – next […]

Tim’s Confirmation

Last night Tim was confirmed in the Catholic faith at the Basilica of St. Mary in Minneapolis, along with other students from St. Richard’s parish. Both sets of grandparents made the trip to join us on this very blessed day, and we celebrated at Morton’s following the Mass for appetizers and desserts – yum! Archbishop […]

Steph & CJ Concert

Steph & CJ Concert Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. I (and their parents) forgot a camera, of course, so this is as good as it gets! See more pics on our Flickr photos – I can only post one from my phone. The concert was great – a Disney theme! Jeremy enjoyed watching the little […]

Billy Joel Concert

Billy Joel Concert Originally uploaded by Jill Elfering. Here we are waiting for the Billy Joel concert to start after a yummy dinner at Cosetta’s in St. Paul. Should be an awesome show!

Stephanie Bridges to Juniors

Stephanie and I have a bit of a special connection in that she and I are the Girl Scouts of the family.  We’ve had fun looking at my old patches and such, though the campfire songs have changed a bit.  Come to think of it, so have the uniforms, books, badges, awards… ok, so a […]

Let’s Dish!

Jodie had a gift certificate for Let’s Dish! from Christmas, so last night she and Jane and I went to try it out.  What a great idea!  We could quickly prepare meals that then are frozen and can be made at home quite easily.  We could choose menu items for 4, 8 or 12 meals […]


Our Easter morning began with Mass at St. Peter’s where I directed the children’s choir again this year.  They sang beautifully and did a great job with their part in the Mass.  It’s a time-intensive but very rewarding job for me! We spent the rest of the day at Roxi’s for a bar-b-que with the family.  […]

Super Adults

Jeremy and I were blessed and honored today at Stephanie’s school.  She and her third grade class have been working on a big project called “super adults” where they have talked and written about a special adult in their lives.  Stephanie chose us!  The whole class had to read their essays out loud in front […]