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Vivian: Potty Training – Day 3

Today we’re having a little family breakfast birthday party for Vivian. The plan is to have her in underwear all day again, since we’ll be at home and it will be just family with us… 8:50 a.m. Sat her on the potty to try after getting up. Went tinkles within about 5 minutes! 9:45 a.m. […]

Night Watchman

Mac is a rule-follower. It’s sometimes even a little irritating when he needs things to be “just so.” I can totally see myself in him! Anyway, he really dislikes it when others do NOT follow the rules. Lately, Vivian has taken to coming out of her room several times after being put to bed. It’s […]

Mac: Preschool Graduate

Mac’s preschool graduation was on May 30th. It was a simple ceremony complete with a procession to Pomp & Circumstance and little paper graduation-themed crowns to wear. Miss Jan talked about the three themes they emphasize throughout preschool: “I’ll always try, I’ll do my best, and I’m washable.” She also brought each child to the […]

Josie: Climber of Things

Well, we knew it wouldn’t take long when she was walking at 10 months to be climbing and causing trouble around the house. The time has arrived! The couches and kid chairs were one thing, but on May 18th, she showed us just a couple of weeks ago that she can climb up on the […]