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Richfield Outdoor Pool

This summer we decided to take advantage of an offer online for a discount on family passes to the Richfield Outdoor Pool. We had heard good things about it and had driven by it enough that we thought we might be ready. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to take all three kids […]

Potty Training Restart

Vivian took a huge step backwards on our trip to Madison, just weeks after we started her potty training. My plan for the drive to Madison was to stop 4-5 times on the way for her to try to go (while having her in a pull-up, however). It turned out Mac had stop about 45 […]

Madison Visit: Little Amerricka

Our next outing for this second trip to Madison was to Little Amerricka, a small amusement park in Marshall, WI. I had never been there, but I was so glad Clare suggested it. It was fantastic! They have a small train you can ride out through the Wisconsin countryside and other amusement park rides that […]

Madison Visit: The Farm

We took another trip to Madison later in the summer for a long weekend. Jeremy was able to join us this time for the first part of the trip. One of the days, we took a trip out to my cousin’s farm for a nice breakfast, some play time and a tractor ride! Vivian was […]

Oma & Opa’s Summer Visit

Every summer we look forward to a visit from Oma & Opa. This year the kids were especially fun – they are old enough now that even though a lot of time passes between our visits, they remember Oma & Opa well! We were able to go on some outings, have picnics and spend some […]

Mac’s Swimming Lessons

This summer we signed up for a different session of swimming lessons for Mac that came highly recommended by some friends called “Olympic Style” Swimming. He liked it! It’s really not training for the Olympics, it’s a different method of teaching that has lower ratios of students and concentrates more on the swimming strokes. The […]