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Choo Choo Bob

It’s no secret our little boy is crazy for trains, as I know lots of little boys are. In the summer of 2010, we were introduced to the “Choo Choo Bob” store at the state fair. They had a whole building for a model train setup, train tracks for playing, train toys for sale, and […]

February 2013 Videos

You read that right, folks – it’s only March, and I’ve finished editing last month’s videos! As promised/wished/hoped, I’ve kept up much better with my video editing and blogging! We’ll see if it continues… This batch from February has a good sample of some new signs from Josie, the girls playing, and Mac at Grandma’s playing drums […]

Oh, They Grow!

Mac and Vivian both had an interesting day today. Vivian started with a speech visit where she got to show off her new phrase. I have to preface this with a little background. Several weeks ago, the teacher had her saying “I want” before a word. I silently cringed. If you know me, you probably […]

Bad Day

I had a bad day. One of those days where it seemed nothing could go right. One that leaves you saying at every turn, “really? really? come on!” Nothing catastrophic happened, nothing even terribly memorable, just enough small things going badly that it wore me down, and this time it had nothing to do with […]

More Birthday Fun: THE CAKE

We had Mac’s birthday party today, now that everyone is finally healthy again! We gathered at Roxi’s for a nice lunch and of course cake and presents! Mac once again asked for a Thomas cake. I’m really hoping this might be the last. As much as I love to give him what he wants, I […]

Half a Decade

Mac is five. How did that happen? I tried my best to keep him from turning five, too. I offered to him that he wouldn’t have to go to bed, just snuggle with me as long as he wanted, and he seemed to like the idea… until I mentioned that I was so glad he […]

Sweet Boy

So I was down and out yesterday with what I think was a touch of the flu that Josie had. I went to bed right after dinner. This morning as Mac and I met in the hallway, he said to me, “feeling better today?” We must be doing something right!

Preschool and Kindergarten Open House

It wasn’t enough that a few weeks ago as I was testing out our online registration and application system, I started to enter Vivian as a “test” student and realized, “wait… she’s a REAL applicant now!” This week was our preschool and kindergarten Open House at Blessed Trinity (commonly called “round-up” but we’ve started to include […]