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Settling In?

Well, not quite yet. Mac had a rough night, and therefore so did I. Jeremy was going to have to work today, so I tried to let him sleep as much as possible. Mac didn’t so much want to sleep, or at all. We had our regular feedings, during and after which he was content, […]

First Full Day at Home

The evening wasn’t too terrible. We took turns getting up with Mac and were both able to get a decent amount of sleep. When he woke at around 8, he fed well and then slept in his new crib while I was able to eat breakfast and catch up with some blog posts and photo […]

We’re Home!

After both Mommy and Mac were checked out by the doctors, we were able to finally leave the hospital around 3:00 and take our son home for the first time. What a relief! He seems to like his surroundings, too – the glider chair gets his seal of approval! We are certainly glad to be […]

Day 2

It is day two here at the hospital and things are going very well. Jill and Mac are learning a lot about breastfeeding. Jill is doing better as well. she has been out to walk a few times and is no longer hooked up to anything. Nana Bleifuhs and Grandma Elfering have both been here […]

A new Mac in the house

Ok, so I know I have not been able to do any updates today, but that is because things started moving really quickly. At 9:30 this morning the doctor decided that a few things were not looking good. All signs were pointing towards a really long labor with a C-section at the end. This decided […]