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Night Watchman

Mac is a rule-follower. It’s sometimes even a little irritating when he needs things to be “just so.” I can totally see myself in him! Anyway, he really dislikes it when others do NOT follow the rules. Lately, Vivian has taken to coming out of her room several times after being put to bed. It’s […]

Mac: Preschool Graduate

Mac’s preschool graduation was on May 30th. It was a simple ceremony complete with a procession to Pomp & Circumstance and little paper graduation-themed crowns to wear. Miss Jan talked about the three themes they emphasize throughout preschool: “I’ll always try, I’ll do my best, and I’m washable.” She also brought each child to the […]

Update: Mac

I want to start with a few “Mac stories,” as we call them. These are the cute little clips that get us through the rough times. I haven’t been as good at posting them as they happen in the last few very busy weeks. “Goodnight, Josie. I love you!” . . . as he was […]

Mother Nature… You’re Fired!

April this year has not been about readying the garden, putting out the weed preventer. There have been no “April showers” to bring May flowers. It’s been more like this… April 11th: Some of our schools farther outside of the city had a SNOW DAY! April 19th: A Winter Storm Warning delayed a weekend trip […]

April 2013 Videos

March 7, 2014 I finished some more! I don’t know why I must post them like this. Oh wait, yes I do… I hesitate to post this one, but it’s just so darn cute. I even had to look back in my calendar to find out where we had been. We were returning home from […]

Turf Tots

A mom in our ECFE class was talking about a place in Hopkins where kids can play inside and run around. I was curious, so we checked it out. SO worth the $3 per kid to get them out in this crazy winter-like spring! Take a hockey rink, set it up for indoor soccer, and […]

Random Acts of Kindness

So I was working in my office at home this morning, sorting and putting notes on laptops as I identify issues with them and install software. It’s been kind of a hectic morning though, as both Mac and Vivian have decided to want my attention (and try to “help”) in the 10 minutes I was […]

Spring Break

I wasn’t sure if I should put the quotes in the title around “spring” or “break,” since so far it’s not much of either! No, seriously, it’s been ok. I’ve enjoyed my time with the kids, even though they’ve also at times driven me crazy. Monday, as I was trying to think of something we […]