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New Things

Mac has an aversion to new things.  We are not sure what causes it and can’t recall when it began.  We noticed when he got a few great new t-shirts with Thomas the Tank Engine and M&Ms (his favorites!) on them for his birthday – he refused to wear them!  We tried and tried to […]


Mac’s speech has been really developing lately, and it is super fun to watch him learning.  There are some things that are especially cute… Several weeks ago, I was giving Mac some carrots and dip that Jane had brought left over from a church function.  I put some of the dip on his plate, and […]

Yippee! Mac is 3!

Mac has made great strides in the last month in both his behavior and his speech.  We can hardly believe how he continues to change and develop, adding new words almost daily.  I expected it to be a much more gradual change at this stage, but it truly is almost every single day that we […]