Category: child development

Update: Josie

“We’re gonna have to keep our eye on this one!” No long stories for this update. Just short and sweet, like its subject. She’s smart, and cute, and cuddly. Who could ask for more? It was about this time two years ago when this little cutie-pie made her existence known to us. I can hardly […]

Update: Vivian

Oh, there is SO much to share about Vivian these days. She is doing incredibly well with her speech development and is learning so quickly these days! First, to follow up on all of her speech and social development, since my only other post about it was in January with a short update in March… […]

Update: Mac

I want to start with a few “Mac stories,” as we call them. These are the cute little clips that get us through the rough times. I haven’t been as good at posting them as they happen in the last few very busy weeks. “Goodnight, Josie. I love you!” . . . as he was […]

Random Acts of Kindness

So I was working in my office at home this morning, sorting and putting notes on laptops as I identify issues with them and install software. It’s been kind of a hectic morning though, as both Mac and Vivian have decided to want my attention (and try to “help”) in the 10 minutes I was […]

February 2013 Videos

You read that right, folks – it’s only March, and I’ve finished editing last month’s videos! As promised/wished/hoped, I’ve kept up much better with my video editing and blogging! We’ll see if it continues… This batch from February has a good sample of some new signs from Josie, the girls playing, and Mac at Grandma’s playing drums […]

Oh, They Grow!

Mac and Vivian both had an interesting day today. Vivian started with a speech visit where she got to show off her new phrase. I have to preface this with a little background. Several weeks ago, the teacher had her saying “I want” before a word. I silently cringed. If you know me, you probably […]

Bad Day

I had a bad day. One of those days where it seemed nothing could go right. One that leaves you saying at every turn, “really? really? come on!” Nothing catastrophic happened, nothing even terribly memorable, just enough small things going badly that it wore me down, and this time it had nothing to do with […]