Category: child development

Beat the Clock!

Mornings had become a horrible time of day, as I’m sure is the case for many families. Jeremy had started to take much of the responsibility of getting the kids up and fed and Mac’s lunch made when he was home, which was great. But we still had to continually remind them to eat and […]

No More Potty Charts for Vivian!

We celebrated last night with a Cold Stone Creamery treat for Vivian who has completed the process of potty charts! Vivian had been doing a great job without having tinkle accidents at school and at home after getting used to her classrooms and becoming more comfortable with her teachers. Unfortunately, she continued to have poppy […]

Josie’s 2nd Birthday

We had a great time celebrating Josie’s birthday – she was finally recovered from her bout with the stomach flu, and by some stroke of luck, everyone was healthy for a few days! The “tradition,” if you can call it that, has been that on the kids’ first birthdays they get cupcakes (1 serving), for their […]

Mac – Still a Climber!

When I joined the Y, I was happy to hear that even without the kids becoming members, I could take Mac to the climbing wall in the gym whenever it was open (a couple hours a day, a few days a week). He was very excited to try it! He caught on fast and was […]

My Sweet Boy

Mac saw my sewing equipment out and of course wanted to work on a project again. This sweet boy somehow got it in his head he wanted to make a bag for Vivian. How cute is that?! We cut some scraps of fabric, and I helped him line them up, and he pinned and sewed […]

Potty Training Restart

Vivian took a huge step backwards on our trip to Madison, just weeks after we started her potty training. My plan for the drive to Madison was to stop 4-5 times on the way for her to try to go (while having her in a pull-up, however). It turned out Mac had stop about 45 […]

Mac’s Swimming Lessons

This summer we signed up for a different session of swimming lessons for Mac that came highly recommended by some friends called “Olympic Style” Swimming. He liked it! It’s really not training for the Olympics, it’s a different method of teaching that has lower ratios of students and concentrates more on the swimming strokes. The […]