Category: baby development

More Signs!

Josie is working on her signs! She is really picking them up quickly now, but as with her siblings, when a new one starts, others seem to disappear. We’re happy that one that is sticking right now (probably due to repetition) is “please.” She can also sign: more, eat, and milk, and she knows how […]

Movin’ On Up

Both Josie and Mac got bigger car seats this week. Josie was growing out of her infant seat, which warranted the move. Since Mac can technically move to a booster seat now, we didn’t need to buy another car seat. We asked him if he’d be willing to give his seat from Daddy’s car to […]

Josie’s 1st Birthday

I’ll need to get my act in gear at Christmas time in future years. As much as it couldn’t last year, Josie’s birthday really snuck up on me this year! I have tried so far to keep the birthdays for the kids pretty tame, but I’ve had some fun with cakes. Since Mac’s first birthday […]

Nine Months Old

This little angel is nine months old! The lighting on this photo is terrible, but it’s the best one I’ve gotten of her teeth coming in. The bottom ones poked through a couple weeks ago (Sept. 9), and now she appears to be getting the next ones in the same order as Vivian – the […]