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We are on year three of our website and everything seems to be growing, including our family!  What you will find here is some information about the goings-on in the Elfering household and our daily lives as well as some other things we find interesting and worthy of sharing.  And you can be sure with so many out-of-town friends and family, there will be lots of updates here once Baby #3 makes her appearance…

As suspected, our children have prompted us to add much more media to our site in the last couple of years. We still have a Flickr photostream that we try to keep updated – that is probably what gets updated most often as it takes the least amount of time. I’m getting better about taking my camera with me just about everywhere, but as the family grows, so does the list of things to remember.  We have older videos that we posted using Blip.tv, but now I use YouTube instead for my edited videos.  Sometimes I’ll post raw video on Flickr, but they only allow 90 seconds.  We rarely use uStream.tv anymore to stream live video broadcasts for our family and friends out of town, but when Baby arrives, perhaps that will make another run.

To keep things ultimately confusing for you, we have 3 blogs. Blogs are a popular online format (web log) that allows for posts, comments and conversation about current events and such where we can share what’s happening in the family, comment on other websites, share interesting tidbets, etc.  Our Blog (it really needs a better name), where you are now, is for both of us to use for family stuff, like events we attend or general goings-on in the family and more stuff we can post out in public.  We also each have a personal blog where we can get into things that interest us separately.  Jill’s blog, In My Own Little Corner, has more of a journaling feel for family and friends and contains stuff that’s a little more private – for example, my students don’t need to be reading about my pregnancy and breastfeeding details…  For access to that blog, just email Jill and she’ll set you up.  And Jeremy wanted a blog of his own so he can target a more specific audience and have “design control” of his own space.

It all started on August 19th, 2006…

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