Summer 2014: Week One is a Success!

Fire in the back yard, complete with s’mores… check.

photo 2

Pool and play time in the back yard… check.

IMG_0450 IMG_0447

Dinner on the patio… check.

Playtime at a new local park… check. (Planned a picnic too, but the schedule didn’t allow.)

Evening and dinner at the Richfield Outdoor Pool… check.

Movie at Cinema Grill with our “summer movie pass”… check.

I’d call the first week of summer vacation a success! I’m not sure if I can keep it up, but I will try. Mac and Vivian have also enjoyed a couple of days at the extended day program at Blessed Trinity, complete with a field trip to the Big Thrill Factory and a “BBQ Day” complete with face painting! Mac played his usual two t-ball games and has also started a session of swimming lessons. Josie has accompanied me to work a few times, and I’ve actually accomplished work with her along!

IMG_7552 IMG_7550

It hasn’t been all roses. We’ve had our moments. But overall, it was a great week. I had some wonderfully proud moments, too. On Thursday, after getting home from t-ball, Jo was picking up her flowers from my house, so I got out of the car to help her sort them and asked Mac to please help his sisters get out. When I returned to the car, it was empty, and the doors were closed – he did it! On Friday, we went to the pool after his swimming lessons, and Josie wanted to climb up into the water park to go down the slide but needed some encouragement. Mac took her hand (after I asked him to help her), led her up and to the slide, around the water the best he could, and they went down the slides side-by-side. Precious. I told him how proud I was of the wonderful big brother he is becoming. Tonight we asked if he wanted to read a new book to Vivian for bedtime, and while he didn’t want to leave what he was doing at the time (“not right now”), when we said then he wouldn’t be reading to her tonight – it had to be now or not at all, he quickly changed his answer and proceeded to not only read her an entire Level 2 Reader (!!), but he asked her afterwards if she wanted another book!


It’s the “cute” that hijacks my days… mealtimes, bedtimes, and plans. Things like Mac reading at bedtime to his sister that I just don’t want to watch come to an end… even though it’s already an hour past when she should have gone to bed… because I didn’t want to stop the creating and decorating of the Father’s Day cards the kids worked on… after dinner that started later than I wanted because I tried to squeeze in just a little bit of work. That’s how it happens. That’s why the kids go to bed late and I’m up even later trying to get even more work or chores done. It happens one little cute moment at a time.

I would be lying if I said I enjoy every single moment. But we are coming to a very good place and adjusting to scheduling challenges. I am working very hard (still, and likely for several years to come) to balance chores, work and time with the kids. Now if I can just catch up at work and at home and keep blogging…

published June 30, 2014

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