First Year of Cub Scouts

Mac started Cub Scouts this year. He seemed to really enjoy the activities, and we were happy with the leadership. It’s a small pack, and Mac was actually the only Lion Cub this year. I hope more will join next year! I’m new to scouting for boys, and I was very appreciative of the inclusion of the family in the pack meetings. I was also interested to hear that the leader is looking into ways to combine the overall leadership of girl scout troops at St. Richard’s too. I’m certainly interested in learning how I can help make that happen once the girls are old enough!

Since I didn’t do a good job of keeping up with posts this year, so these are some highlights from the first year of our little scout…

A tour of a fire truck:


Halloween, Thanksgiving and Christmas celebrations and activities:

IMG_6358  IMG_0978 IMG_6523

A tour of the SWAT truck!


The ever-popular wreath sale…
(Daddy was very proud when Mac came in as the highest seller!)


And the “scouting for food” drive!


– actual publish date: June 30, 2014 –

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