No More Potty Charts for Vivian!

We celebrated last night with a Cold Stone Creamery treat for Vivian who has completed the process of potty charts!

Vivian had been doing a great job without having tinkle accidents at school and at home after getting used to her classrooms and becoming more comfortable with her teachers. Unfortunately, she continued to have poppy accidents. We have no idea why… seems kind of backwards to me, but who knows! She would use the potty if she got there, but she typically didn’t ask if she needed to go.

So, to get Vivian to use the potty for poopy, we started using poppy potty charts. She could put a sticker on when she went on the potty, and then she got incentives for a certain number of successes without a miss (which, as with any potty chart, was adjusted as she progressed). After Christmas time, she didn’t have any more poopy accidents at school, but she did have accidents at home occasionally. By March, she had improved dramatically – so much so that we started to forget about the stickers. And once the month was complete with over a week of success, we declared NO MORE POOPY POTTY CHARTS!

published June 27, 2014

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