Josie’s 2nd Birthday

We had a great time celebrating Josie’s birthday – she was finally recovered from her bout with the stomach flu, and by some stroke of luck,¬†everyone was healthy for a few days!

The “tradition,” if you can call it that, has been that on the kids’ first birthdays they get cupcakes (1 serving), for their second birthdays, they get a 2-layer cake, and then when they turn three, the get to start choosing a theme or character for their cake. Well, several weeks before Josie’s birthday, Mac happened upon a video on NickJr and had it in his head he would help me make Josie a “Blue’s Clues” cake for her birthday.

On the outside, I responded, “Um… sure, Mac, we can do that.”

But on the inside? “Yikes.”

Well, I (we?) pulled it off! Though if I had it to do over again, I wouldn’t have followed the directions on the website. It would have been much easier to make a big cake and just cut out the whole shape using the template like I did for Vivian’s Curious George cake. The snack cakes were not the same height and caused major problems, and the blue air-heads candies were worthless. I ended up just using frosting for the spots.





Look at that SMILE!!

Totally worth every minute spent (and there were a LOT).





– published¬†September 27, 2014 –

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