Richfield Outdoor Pool

This summer we decided to take advantage of an offer online for a discount on family passes to the Richfield Outdoor Pool. We had heard good things about it and had driven by it enough that we thought we might be ready. I wasn’t sure if I’d ever be able to take all three kids by myself this year, and I ended up not even trying. I took the girls a couple of times when Mac was at Cub Club, and a few times we went as a whole family – even a couple of times with Begalkes and Wolfgrams. We all really enjoyed the time playing in the water, and although the girls were a little hesitant at first, they warmed up to it, and by the end of summer, it was hard to get them to leave! We’ll definitely do that again next year! Mac loved to go down the slides in the kiddie area, and he even found a way to go up the steps without having to go under the deluge of water! He still doesn’t like getting his head wet.

– actual publish¬†date:¬†June 27, 2014 –

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