Madison Visit: Training Camp

IMG_5574Also in our short visit, thanks to my wonderful mother who was willing to take care of the girls for the day, I did manage to plan a day trip for Mac and me to Packers Training Camp. I saw the opportunity to get there when I realized the dates would be right, but the start time made it a little bit tricky. Practice started at 8:15 a.m.! My friend Kathy and her son went with us too. We left early – 5:00 a.m.! – to get to Lambeau Field in time to get tickets for the Stadium Tour and then get to practice. Yes, we were aware of how crazy it all was, but we made it! We got our tickets, and got to practice almost on time. We didn’t have great seats, but we were able to adjust a couple of times to end up with a pretty good view of the offensive side of the field.

After practice, we watched the players ride their bikes back to the locker room, then Mac and I went to the “Packers Experience,” where they have the moon-bounce-type activities. He was very excited to do the obstacle course! We did that and one other activity before it was time to head inside for our tour. He wasn’t thrilled, but I promised we could do the rest after lunch.

IMG_5619 IMG_5658

The stadium tour was great! We got to see the Club level, and a Box, and we got to go through the tunnel onto the field. I’m not sure if Mac really understood, but I did tell him he was standing where my team plays when we watch them on TV. We waited for the elevator to go back up to the atrium for the end of our tour. When the doors opened, someone familiar was inside! It was Mason Crosby! Kathy and I thought that was pretty cool. Mac didn’t quite get it. We gave him a high five as we got out (Mac was too shy).

IMG_5680 IMG_5688


Then we headed to Curly’s Pub for lunch at a table with a view of the players’ parking lot, and close to the game arcade where the boys played some games together. It was adorable. Then we finished up and headed back out to the Packers Experience. It was CLOSED!! I couldn’t believe it. I’ll be honest: My plan was to end the day with that activity that Mac loved for a lasting positive impression of Training Camp… now it was ruined! I tried to console him with the promise of ice cream. It was a lousy consolation, but we managed. Oh well. Lesson learned. The trip did remind me how much I love the training camp experience, and I really would like to plan to get back there with my family in the next few years.

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