Oma & Opa’s Summer Visit

Every summer we look forward to a visit from Oma & Opa. This year the kids were especially fun – they are old enough now that even though a lot of time passes between our visits, they remember Oma & Opa well! We were able to go on some outings, have picnics and spend some very nice times together during their short visit.

We went to the zoo with everyone, including Uncle Mathew. It was a beautiful day, so the kids got to play in the splash pad too! Vivian was the most excited about this outing and thoroughly enjoyed the day and all of our activities. We packed a picnic for lunch and packed our day full of fun!

IMG_5344 IMG_5340


IMG_0758 IMG_5355

We also enjoyed a day at the park at Bush Lake called “Chutes & Ladders.” My goodness, these kids love to climb! We packed a picnic for this outing too and were able to spend some time wandering the park and trails for a bit too. I can’t believe this was our first time there! I thought I had planned so well, learning throughout the summer that it was easiest to keep an eye on the kids if they were all wearing the same color. Orange seemed to be a good choice… until several school groups arrived, in various colors, including, of course, orange! Even with three sets of eyes on the three children it was hard to keep track. It will be a long time before I’d be able to take the kids to THIS park on my own!

IMG_5411 IMG_4732

IMG_4719 IMG_5419

IMG_4728 IMG_4726

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IMG_5433 IMG_5428

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