Mac’s Swimming Lessons

This summer we signed up for a different session of swimming lessons for Mac that came highly recommended by some friends called “Olympic Style” Swimming. He liked it! It’s really not training for the Olympics, it’s a different method of teaching that has lower ratios of students and concentrates more on the swimming strokes. The teachers were phenomenal. They were very patient with Mac and his resistance to putting his face in. They tried a lot of different methods, and I was just happy that on occasion he jumped in off the side and did put his face in.


Day 2:

Day 3:

Now, I don’t want to give the wrong impression. That jump was the FIRST and ONLY time he actually jumped. He spent the rest of the time climbing up the ladder then shimmying back into the pool – far from a jump. I think this one time he jumped before he could even think about what he was doing! It was GREAT!! I’d hoped there would be more of that and he’d continue to improve. He resisted floating on his belly or back and didn’t want to put his face in. We decided to try to build on whatever momentum he had in the first session and signed him up for another session later in the summer too!

He did make progress during the next session, but only on the last day. I finally gave in and got him a pair of goggles, curious to see if that would help. He kept telling me that if he had goggles, he’d put his face in the water. I think the goggles combined with it being the last day when the teachers could kind of push Mac even more outside of his comfort zone made the difference. He did bobs and put his head under water!! I was thrilled! Of course he didn’t do it much the rest of the summer – we didn’t have many more pool opportunities. Small victories! The teachers were so proud. He did it for each of them, and I got video!

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