Long Summer Visit in Madison

The kids and I spent about 11 days in Madison in late June and early July while Jeremy vowed to rip out and remodel the porch. There was a lot of play time with Nana, outings with Nana and Clare, and as always, great meals by Clare! We went to the Vilas Zoo again, starting at the park by default because we thought the back entrance was closed. That was a great opportunity to see my kids playing where I played quite a bit when I was a kid – even the same “shoe” slide is still there while the rest of the equipment has been upgraded. The playground and carousel in the zoo remain favorites!

We also tried our hand at making our own ice cream. It was fun and tasted great, but it didn’t freeze very well because we didn’t have enough ice… oops! We also spent a day with Kathy and her kids, playing a lot outside and in their pool. And we tried out a new splash pad in Middleton.

Then we trekked out to East Troy to the Electric Railroad Museum to ride the train (trolley). We packed a picnic lunch and enjoyed some ice cream at an original ice cream shop!

And if that wasn’t enough to keep us busy, we also went to Milwaukee for a day so I could visit with Anita and see her mom who I haven’t seen in a few years. We had one of my favorite lunches – Kopp’s burgers – and then went to the Children’s Museum. We all had a blast! The kids especially loved the play store. Mac spent a lot of time in the “bakery” preparing cookies and muffins for people to “buy.” He also worked in the “deli” making soup (or chili?) and sandwiches. The girls just followed along! Vivian surprised me by being interested in and following well in a dance studio where a video by the Milwaukee Ballet instructed different steps and movements.

And we of course had lots of play time with Emily and some with Matthew, Julie and Dave.

Milestones on this trip: Vivian can use the trackpad mouse on my laptop!

Challenges of this trip: Vivian’s potty training came to a halt and needed a restart! To be continued…

I think my favorite photo and memory from this trip, though, has nothing to do with a fun activity or event. Mom could hardly believe it when I told her there are times I take all three kids to Target by myself…

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