So, my last post was last June. I didn’t do very well in my attempt to get back to blogging, did I? But as the saying goes, “try, try again!” So here goes…

I’ve taken some time here and there to start drafts of posts to try to at least have an outline of a memory of our summer activities. Fall will be a different challenge! Posts will be coming in now with dates aligned to when I should have blogged them so that my timeline remains close to correct. This post, while dated on the blog as June 16th, 2014, I’m actually writing on February 17th, 2014!

While I was offline, I also experienced some trouble with a few of my websites, so I had to take everything off and kind of start over (though it seems as though all the posts were unaffected). Hopefully the email subscriptions and other active content is back to “normal” now.

I’m trying to get caught up in my video editing too… we’ll see how that goes!

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