Vivian: Potty Training – The Rest of Week 1

So, the rest of our days this week will be scattered with successes, accidents and road blocks. I figured I’d just summarize them here, since I can’t imagine the details are still interesting to anyone except me and maybe the grandparents!

I had to work all day, so I put Vivian in a pull-up for the babysitter. She said she went a little on the potty after breakfast, but not again. That’s what I expected. When I got home, we all played outside for a while. After we came in, I put her in underwear, at about 4:45, and we moved downstairs to play. I put the potty chair down there in the family room so she wouldn’t have to go far if she had to go. Mac and I were in the laundry room about 15 minutes later when I heard her saying, “Mommy, Mommy, look!” She had gone over to the potty herself and went! She did wet her underwear and shorts a little, but that’s either because she forgot to take them off first (we have to remind her occasionally) or she stopped as soon as she felt it. Either way, she did great! I decided not to make her try again after dinner and just keep asking her to keep it in her mind. She did come and get me to tell me she had to go and was dry – and she went!

She wanted to sit on the potty when I went to take off her nighttime diaper, so I let her, but she never did go before we had to put on a pull-up and get out the door for Mac’s swimming lesson. After that, we made a stop at my chiropractor, and by the time we got home she had wet (I hadn’t asked her if she had to go while we were out). After we got home and she was back in underwear, it was only about 10 minutes before she had pooped in her pants. I kept asking her if she had to go tinkles, but she kept saying no, so I didn’t make her sit, even after lunch. At 12:40 I was called downstairs by Mac, who said she pooped all over the floor! And he was right… what a mess! She had apparently tried to get to the potty, but in doing so, she got it all over her legs and hands and, of course, the floor. But I cleaned it up and praised her for knowing she should try to get to the potty. Then she sat on the potty for a while, but she didn’t have any tinkles. I kept asking, and about a half hour later she did say she had to go, and she went! She napped with a pull-up on and wet that, and she got underwear back on right away after her nap. I kept up with asking her if she had to go so she’d keep thinking about it. After dinner, Jeremy asked her again, and this time (since the potty chair was downstairs), she went on the big potty! Yea! Another hurdle jumped!

We were headed to swimming lessons again, so I put Vivian in a pull-up when she got up. But after that, this was going to be the first day we tried leaving the house with underwear on! After swimming, we headed to the zoo for a picnic lunch and afternoon of fun (as long as the kids lasted). I was prepared for the work of having her in underwear. I had packed three sets of clean underwear and shorts in addition to the change of clothes for after the splash pad. She had gone in her pull-up by the time I changed her after lunch, which was to be expected since I didn’t ask her to try or remind her up until then. I did have her try when we got into the zoo, and she tried but didn’t go. We tried a few more times, and she still didn’t go. I was starting to get watchful as I knew she must have to go soon! And alas, as we tried one more time before playing in the water, she went! On a public toilet! One more hurdle – yea! She stayed dry then for the rest of the time we were there (not long), going one more time. I put her in a pull-up for the car ride home since I knew she was tired and probably not able to pay attention to it. She stayed dry for the ride home, and as I was going to change her, she said she had to go, and did. She pooped in her pants during dinner, then sat on the potty and tinkled. She also requested and went after getting out of the tub.

She was with a sitter again all day today, so I left her in a pull-up and asked the sitter to ask her every half hour or so. She kept her pull-up dry (except for nap) and went a couple of times for her. After she got up she went once after I got home. She didn’t go when we tried before leaving home (out again in underwear!), but she did once we got there. I put her in a pull-up when she refused to try after dinner (she hadn’t pooped yet during the day), and by the time we left she had done both in her pull-up. She did request and go after having her diaper put on for bedtime, though!

Overall, we have made HUGE progress!! The fact that we can leave the house is a great sign. Some things I have noted in the process, as it’s been different from Mac’s training:

  • The use of a potty seat is really good when using the “sit until she goes” method. It’s more comfortable and she can sit longer.
  • The use of the potty seat is also very helpful in seeing how much she went. When she uses the big potty, if you don’t hear it, you might not be able to tell she went.

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