How Can It Be… Vivian Is Three?!


Vivian got to celebrate her birthday twice! We had a little gathering at Grandma’s for dinner and cupcakes, and another at our house with my family with pancakes and birthday cake. We are so blessed to have so many people in our lives who surround our children with abundant love. :)

On Vivian’s birthday, Mac was up early as usual. It was not a school day, and Jeremy worked early, so I was home with him. The first thing he said was, “today is Vivian’s birthday! We have to get her a card!” He had been making cards so much at school, I asked if he wanted to make a card for Vivian. He was excited to do that, so I handed him a piece of cardstock folded in half and proceeded to start getting ready for work. A little while later, he came to me and asked what the next letter of Vivian’s name was, showing me this:

I told him, and he could see that he had it wrong and wanted to start over. For the next try, I wrote out her name so he could copy it. He ended up making her THREE cards, with stickers and everything! He put lots of love into those cards, and melted my heart. He spent about 20 minutes on them. :)

Grandma’s is always a fun time! This time we got dinner, cupcakes, a Dora balloon and some VERY cool presents!


As has become the “tradition” now in our family, a third birthday is where the “themed” cakes begin. Mac’s was a train with Thomas the Tank Engine and plain colored freight cars. For Vivian, I had quite a few choices since she’s got lots of interests, but Curious George has been a favorite for a long time (since back when she was calling him “bffff”). I decided to try my hand at making a character cake with very little time to prepare! I will say, though, that a 2-dimensional picture of a cartoon is MUCH easier than a 3-dimensional train engine! And the very late night is worth every minute of sleep lost when I get to see this kind of pure happiness on her face…

For those who are interested, I took pictures of the steps in making the cake and posted them with the rest of my photos on Flickr, starting HERE.


Happy birthday, my little actress! I was very impressed she could blow out all her own candles!

And for those keeping track of her “stats,” she also had her 3-year-old well-child check-up this week. She is in the 60th percentile across the board for weight, height and BMI. She is 31 pounds, 36.75 inches tall, and BMI is 16.1. Her blood pressure was 80/48 and vision checked out (she could do the matching!) at 20/30, which is perfect for her age. She did NOT have to have any shots at this visit!!

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