May 2013 Videos

March 8, 2013
With the long winter, we were anxious to get outside! Mac has been in a phase where he loves to race (whether the opponent is aware of the race or not). Vivian likes to race with him. She rarely wins, but she does like to repeat his exclamation of “I win” at the end. HE is not so wild about that and doesn’t quite understand that she has no idea what that means…

Vivian loves the movie WALL-E. It would seem that her favorite part is the beginning, where WALL-E is watching “Hello, Dolly!” at the scene “Put On Your Sunday Clothes.” Jeremy and I have both been in the show, so we were tickled that she liked to sing it!

There is a period of time when all kids have “sweet” ways to say certain words. When they are gone, they are gone forever. I try very hard to catch them on video before they go away but very often fail. I caught this one!

All the kids seemed to enjoy this accessible swing at Vivian’s new preschool!

Vivian really settled into her ECFE classes. I blogged about it back in May, but here is a longer video of some of her activities!

Field Day at Blessed Trinity – Mac’s first!

I finally edited the video of Mac’s preschool graduation!

After graduation, I’m pretty sure Josie wanted to make sure she was back to being the center of attention, because she decided it was time to climb the ladder on the playset! After the first 3 times, I was brave enough to take some video…

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