Mac: Preschool Graduate

Mac’s preschool graduation was on May 30th. It was a simple ceremony complete with a procession to Pomp & Circumstance and little paper graduation-themed crowns to wear. Miss Jan talked about the three themes they emphasize throughout preschool: “I’ll always try, I’ll do my best, and I’m washable.” She also brought each child to the front and told the audience what they said they want to be when they grow up, and what their favorite thing was about preschool. Mac said he wants to be a firefighter, and his all-time favorite thing was to play trains, but lately he has also enjoyed making cards with stickers and markers. (I’ve gotten several!) Afterwards, they had a little reception for the all the families. Jeremy got some great photos. I didn’t post them all here, but they are on Flickr if you want to check them out. And the edited (though quickly – I’ll do a better one later) video is also below. At the end, the children all sang a goodbye song:

Good Bye,
So Long,
See you later,
We’ll be friends
Till time shall end.
God’s blessings be on you.




After I posted the photos on Flickr, I got a message saying that iReport (CNN’s citizen reporting) was doing a story on preschool graduations. They had seen our photos and wondered if we’d be willing to contribute. They didn’t print much in the story that came out today, but there’s a photo of Mac on there – he’s picture 15!

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