Josie: Climber of Things

Well, we knew it wouldn’t take long when she was walking at 10 months to be climbing and causing trouble around the house. The time has arrived!

The couches and kid chairs were one thing, but on May 18th, she showed us just a couple of weeks ago that she can climb up on the kitchen stools. And worse yet, she knows how to pull them out, so just making sure they are pushed in doesn’t help!


And by the end of last week, she showed me she could also climb up on the bar stools in the basement.

But the best was when we were outside playing in the back yard after Mac’s graduation, and she finally noticed the ladder…

That’s not all she learned in May… She also learned how to drink from a straw! This is huge for those with small children – it means no longer having to make sure you have a sippy cup with you when you go to a restaurant! I do usually carry bendy straws, which are easier for kids to handle, but those can just stay in our bag. :)


And she got her first haircut!



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