Update: Josie


“We’re gonna have to keep our eye on this one!”

No long stories for this update. Just short and sweet, like its subject. :)

She’s smart, and cute, and cuddly. Who could ask for more? It was about this time two years ago when this little cutie-pie made her existence known to us. I can hardly believe it’s been that long and can’t really imagine our family without her. Isn’t that how it always goes? And while Mac and Vivian sometimes fight with each other, they both seem to just LOVE Josie. Thank goodness for that, right?!

But this little sweetheart is much more…

She’s a climber just like her brother and sister, though we’ve had fewer obstacles around for her to climb, so she’s not quite as advanced yet. (We had more gates up with Vivian, and she watched Mac scale them with ease so learned quickly.) Josie can climb at-will onto the furniture though. The care-givers at ECFE sibling child-care have to hide the chairs so she doesn’t climb on them! We keep the little chairs out of reach most of the time as well.

If her brother or sister are going outside, you’d better be ready to take her too or listen to a good protest! She will grab her shoes and coat and bring them to you expecting to get to go along. And she can open the back storm door unless it’s latched tight and will just go outside on her own if you’re not watching, shoes or not! And that goes for just about any door you forget to close behind you…

She knows to do her “chores” after getting dressed, putting her dirty laundry down the chute. She knows her nuk stays in her bed and takes it out before you pick her up (most of the time). She lies down when I get the diaper stuff out and sits down when I have her shoes in my hand.

If her brother or sister have something, she wants it and will take it unless they fight back. Oh, and they’d better not fight back, or take anything from HER – she will let them know she is NOT happy!

If you sit on the floor, she will find your lap. And if she can bring a book too, all the better.

She wants what you are eating – not the stuff you made for her that’s easier for her to eat.

She is a stealer of sippy-cups.

She just learned how to buckle the top part of her car seat buckle all by herself.

Lots of entertainment, and lots more to look forward to!

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