March 2013 Videos

Many of these videos have been part of posts already, but they are here in a more finalized version, and some are longer than Flickr lets me upload.

This video from March 9th shows a very little bit of Josie’s signs. She has been much more interested in saying words than doing signs – that’s new for us!

We don’t visit nearly often enough, but the kids love play time at Choo Choo Bob’s!

Mac must have played a new game in gym class recently, because he was having a lot of fun introducing Vivian to “who’s the cat” (or something like that)! This was the beginning of them playing together more often than not. Josie just wanted to climb…

Vivian worked very hard at her speech therapy. I posted one of these videos earlier, but this one is a longer one with more samples of her “May I please…”

Josie conquered another milestone – using a fork!

We were able to attend a train show where Choo Choo Bob and the “Bobville gang” had a live concert and did a meet-and-greet afterwards! Foot-tapping fun!

During “spring break,” it wasn’t exactly warm. We found some fun places to escape the cold and have some fun, though!

And to top it off, just a short cute clip of Easter…

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