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I know I’ve been MIA for almost a month, but so much has been going on, and I just haven’t taken the time to write it all down! This will be my attempt to sum it up for summer before the fall takes over our lives as usual… I apologize for those who don’t like long posts.


Mac is an awesome kid. Most of the time he is polite, happy, and absolutely delightful. He talks. A LOT. It can get on one’s nerves if one does not have the ability (or patience) to ignore what can be ignored, but most of the time it’s adorable to hear his stream of consciousness. He doesn’t miss a thing, unless there’s a screen distracting him. And he has a memory like a steel trap! He’s also learned to be quite a stinker at times though – the phrases, “Mommy, don’t talk,” or “Mommy, don’t see me,” are cues for me to catch him being naughty!

Poor Mac was sick last week with pneumonia. It all started with what seemed like just a pesky cough, but he did have some labored breathing, and with a vacation in sight, we got him checked out. Turned out that was a good idea. He was sent home with antibiotics, but after a follow-up with the pediatrician two days later, there wasn’t enough improvement, and he ended up in the hospital overnight to get IV antibiotics and nebulizer treatments. He did as well as could be expected, and we were able to leave the hospital the next day with “permission” to continue on our vacation at the lake, albeit a couple of days late. I wrote lots more detail (mostly for my terrible memory) on my personal blog, for those who are interested (login is required).

Swimming lessons finished up as expected, with him making some small improvements. He did jump in, but only once would I say he really jumped (see video below). It was recommended he repeat the beginner level, which I assumed would be the case. His teacher was phenomenal. I can only hope he can be with her again next time – she pushed him just enough and seemed to thoroughly enjoy working with the kids.

Mac is getting more into singing now, and will sing or hum along with some of the themes of his favorite shows or with the lullaby songs I play at bedtime. I can’t wait to see how he likes music class this year!


For Vivian, things have really been pretty “normal” as far as we can call anything normal in our house! She really enjoyed our week in Madison, and Mac’s hospital stay allowed her to have 24 hours alone with Grandma!! Her speech is coming along, but much more slowly than I’d like. She’s smart as a whip though, the little stinker, and still climbs like a monkey!

Her favorite thing to do at Nana’s is to “help” with the dishes. It all started when she was there for the week we were in San Diego. She knew right where to go when we arrived and moves her stool as if it’s nothing, needing help only to lift it over the rug in front of the sink:


We’re gonna have to keep our eyes on this one! She started to crawl while we were in Madison.

And just over a week later, in the midst of the pneumonia chaos, I turned around and she was standing!


She’s starting to feed herself and is getting better at the baby cereal (we’re trying to rush that stage since Mommy and Daddy aren’t wild about it). She’s still pretty happy most of the time, unless she’s tired, hungry or uncomfortable. She naps 2 or 3 times a day but lately has been waking in the middle of the night to eat. I can’t complain too much about that as it’s mostly my fault for not starting her on cereal earlier, and the fact that I’ve been spoiled that she’s slept through the night for so long already! I’m praying it stops before school starts though… that could be rough.

Madison with Nana and ‘The Lake’ with Grandma

The kids and I spent a week in Madison with my mom, and then a week later spent a week at the lake with Jeremy’s mom. Both have now become sort of a summer tradition, which I love!! The kids (and I) get totally spoiled, and each trip has it’s bonuses beyond that too – in Madison I get to visit with friends while getting a break from the kids, and at the lake, well, it’s on a lake! There are extra hands to help and lots more opportunities to relax. :) But once those trips are over, it’s back to reality, marking the end of summer, and the stresses of work are already starting to mount. A better view of these trips is on our Flickr photostream (Madison photo setLake photo set), where I’m better at documenting these days in photos than on this blog.

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