Nana’s Week With Her Favorite 2-Year-Old (guest post)

This was written by my mom, who graciously invited Vivian to “vacation” at her house while the rest of us vacationed in San Diego. I just added some pictures and video that she (and Clare, and Julie, emailed to us throughout the week.  :)

On Thursday, June 22, Clare and I headed for Mpls. to pick up Vivian for her stay at my house. We arrived in time for lunch, chatted a bit with Jill, and then loaded Vivian and her “luggage” into the car for the return trip to Madison. I was a little anxious—having no idea how Vivian would react to us taking her on the long ride to Madison. We were pleasantly surprised at her relaxed demeanor—and relieved when she fell asleep!

When we arrived at my house and unloaded the car, Vivian was happy as can be when she realized she could have control of all the toys in the living room—no sharing with her brother! During the week, she enjoyed “helping” me at the sink and giving out cups of water, visiting the zoo, going to the playground with Aunt Julie & cousin Matthew, watching “Blues Clues” with Auntie Clare, eating some donut holes that Papa had brought over, watering my bushes, playing ball with me, and one of her very favorite things was taking a bath—which we did every other night!


Video: Morning, 6/26

Video: Dessert, 6/23

One afternoon, after I had put Vivian down for her nap and I was reading the newspaper, I looked up and was startled to see Vivian coming into the living room!!! It was the first time I had known her to get out of her pack & play!!! I put her back to bed and laid down on the bed in that room. It didn’t happen again—but that was probably because I stayed in the room the next couple times she was in bed!!!

A week later, we packed up for the trip back to Mpls. Vivian was again very good most of the way, but got a little restless the last hour or so. (On this trip, it wasn’t her nap time!) It was very heartwarming to see her reunited with her family—hugs all around! And returning home to the lonesome toys and empty high chair and pack & play was quite a sad scene!

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