June 2012 Videos

I don’t have time to be posting to this blog right now, but if I don’t do it right now, it could be three more months, so I’m abandoning my work for about 20 minutes to get it done. So there. Thanks to a spontaneous trip to Madison where I didn’t have to drive, I was able to edit all of these this past weekend. Thanks, Jo!

I caught Mac dumping water on his own head while playing in the pool in early June. What’s interesting is that he has spent years screaming about having water poured over his head to wash his hair (and still isn’t wild about that process).

Josie really started moving around in mid-June, and I caught just a little on video, along with some interaction with Vivian.

Vivian has been much more interactive with songs and actions than I remember Mac being. She caught on quickly to the Blue’s Clues song, and I wanted to record some of it to take with me to San Diego since she was not going along.

And finally, our San Diego trip! This is a mish-mash of video clips in chronological order both from Vivian’s week in Madison with Nana and Clare, and the San Diego trip the rest of us took. It really needs to be viewed in combination with the photos we took, which you can see on Flickr. There are also separate blog posts about that trip, starting with this one.

That’s all the time we have, folks. I hear one of my cherubs calling for me!

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